Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Night at the Theater

Hello everyone!

Today was one of the most gorgeous so far this Spring. I took full advantage of it all and went for a gorgeous long walk along the Dodder River behind my house. Tonight, I went for dinner and to see a play with my roommate and it was a lovely evening out!

pics courtesy of Jo'Burger and Project Arts Centre
We went to Joe Burger, which is a city centre restaurant that specializes in, you guessed it, burgers! I had a delish beef burger with peach curry and edam cheese. We also split an order of the sweet potato fries, served up with a side of garlic mayonnaise. As we both left empty plates behind, I'd say we both thoroughly enjoyed our meals! Take a peek at the menu and definitely stop in for a burger the next time the craving strikes!

After dinner, we strolled on over to the Temple Bar area to watch a play that my roommate's friend was in. It was called, "Kiss Me and You'll See How Important I Am." I really enjoyed it. It was shorter than I anticipated, but it dealt with really modern and relevant issues, and the acting truly was superb. The show was put on in a small, intimate theater which added even more to the content of the play. I had never been to the Project Arts Centre which is where the play was put on. I really enjoyed the venue, and would like to return to see a performance on the main stage of the facility. Check out the link here for upcoming shows and performances!

All in all, it was a lovely evening. I haven't been to the theater in what feels like forever and I forgot how much I enjoy it. I'll definitely be making it a more regular occurrence in the future! 



  1. Nice blog! :) I love Joe Burger (SO YUMMY)

    Sarah xx

  2. Yum! That burger looks delicious!